Thursday, February 04, 2016

Poor Alex!

Poor Alex... I found an odd lump on his neck this week, and he's lost a bit of weight, so Gordon took him to the vet last night. Today they took the lump out and sent it off to pathology. The vet said the lump was basically half his thyroid, enlarged.  So, it may be cancer, and he may be hyperthyroid, They are keeping him in tonight to make sure his calcium levels are okay and he should be able to come  home tomorrow.

Refusing to look at the camera!

Poor Alex was at the vet's last September with a complete urethral blockage.

Gordon said he was pretty relaxed and mellow tonight. Here's hoping it's not cancer and he'll be okay. We adopted Alex from the OSPCA in 2007. He'd been found in a leghold trap six weeks earlier. They amputate his hind leg and put him up for adoption. We went into the shelter that September to look at dogs, and came home with a cat instead! :)

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Goatness me!

First off, it was my birthday last weekend and LOOK what my friend Ronna made for me this year!!!!

LOOK!! There's Mama Penny with her triplets! There's Saul cuddling up with his buddy Emerson and the two ponies! There's Tristan quietly watching everyone. There's Keaton up in the loft with the chickens!

I am so lucky to have a talented, kind friend like Ronna. She has made me several beautiful cakes oer the years. Check out Ronna's Cakebook on Facebook, and her blog!

After my birthday supper, we went down to the barn to feed babies!

Ronna is feeding Annabelle in this photo.

I think she enjoyed it quite a bit!

The kids are growing like WEEDS. This was the day they were born, January 9th!

They just keep getting bigger and bigger! Luc is so cute.

Annabelle was nibbling on my ear when I took this!

They are starting to eat some hay and cattle starter feed now.

They have grown since this picture was taken a few days back.

Gordon says the only thing better than one goat on your lap... (look at Keaton's bat-ears front and centre at the bottom of the pic!)

... is two, or perhaps three!

Here is my little Rosie...

She likes playing with the lead ropes hanging in the box stall area.

She is doing very well, especially considering she nearly died the day after she was born. She gets the least of mama's milk of any of the siblings, and now she runs to me at feeding time instead of Penny. And now when I come down the barn steps, she starts screaming for me as soon as she hears me! It's pretty cute.

The cats and goat kids are all very interested in each other...

Buttercup isn't too sure about Luc and Annabelle watching her!


Feeding time!

Annabelle sampling hay

Don't worry, the cats aren't being neglected...

...although Buttercup wasn't too thrilled about Keaton sharing my lap!

Keaton usually has a lot to say!

My friend Peggy brought this big teddy bear for Henry the pig to snuggle up to, but Pip is rather fond of it!

Speaking of my little angel Rosie! <3 p="">

There's maamaa, chowing down!

Somebody pointed out that Finney's forelock looks a bit like the hair of a certain, ahem, US presidential hopeful!

Me and Saul, the sweetest donkey in the universe!

And in the house...

...Annuk and Honey both want to use my Powerbook as a bed, which might be nice for them but isn't so great for my computer!

And here's a nice shot of my horse Roo that my friend took last weekend...

I have finally broken down and hired more help for around the farm. Now that I have four different FABULOUS people coming during the week to do chores, I realize just how much time I was spending doing chores!!!  It's given me time to work on other stuff, like a Facebook page for our farm which we have now christened Bee Meadow Farm. We'd like eventually to get charitable status for some kind of educational endeavour related to the animals. This year, I would like to continue with some visits from kids and seniors. I had fun doing that last year!

 I put our mission statement on the FB page, and it reads like this:

To inspire compassion for animals as well as educate people on the humane treatment of all animals, while providing a loving home for our own menagerie of rescues!

And now I am off to bed with a warm cat or three. Hope you are all having a good week!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Just call me Dr. Rowe... or perhaps Nurse Natalie!

Never did I imagine that having farm animals involved so many medications and injections!! I have a whole drawer of my downstairs bathroom now devoted to syringes, needles and animal drugs! Plus there's penicillin in my fridge, and I mean in an actual bottle, not growing on some old lemon Gordon forgot about!!!

I have needles in many gauges (and actually know which to use for what) and syringes from 3 cc to 20 cc.

The, er, lubricant was bought just in case I had to "go in" during goat kidding! Fortunately I haven't had to use it yet.

I needed to deworm the pigs (a bit late, I meant to do it right after things finally froze in December!) with Safeguard, which comes in liquid oral form. So I had this brainstorm at the grocery store..


I figured I'd inject mini carrot muffins with the proper dosage and give one muffin to each pig. They really shouldn't have sugary treats but these are so small, I figured they'd be okay (and they did have actual carrots in the ingredients!)

As an aside, half our grocery cart every week seems to be filled with fruit and veg for the farm animals! And that tricolour pasta is a pig treat. I stuff Kong treat dispensers with it. Keeps 'em amused in winter! The ducks love the kale but so do I.

So tonight every pig got a muffin laced with dewormer. It was easy for me to keep track of who got what, and it worked like a charm. Ha!
Meanwhile in my office...

... the cat presence was very heavy! Honey and Annuk snuggling in my chair...

...Daisy and Mootie in a bed under my new desk! I just had my entire office redone, including the floors. Got toss all the IKEA furniture I'd had for 11 years that was falling to pieces, woo hoo.

And outside, it's time for...

...a donkey felfie with Saul...

...and a pony felfie with Finney!

Everyone got a hoof trim last week. I think Esme's hooves are looking particularly nice. She's had many bouts of laminitis over the years and we are really trying to prevent it from happening again.

Saul wants to know who the real ass is in this picture! But these two are good buddies who play together. They are both four years old now.

I love this guy to bits!

So, if you decide to deworm your pigs and use my patented mini-carrot-muffin method, let me know how it goes! :)

Monday, January 25, 2016


Sorry for the lack of posts... I seem to be living and breathing goats these days!

My pretty girl Genny!

The kids think Maamaa is a trampoline. We put a straw bale in there for them to jump on instead of her.

Right now, we are still supplemental bottle-feeding three times a day. The kids are gaining weight nicely.

Gordon and Rosie

Me feeding Annabelle.

On January 16, Rosie weight 7.5 lbs, Annabelle weighed 8.5 lbs and Luc weighed 9 lbs. Yesterday (Jan 24) Rosie weighed 10.75 lbs, Annabelle weighed 11.5 lbs and Luc weighed 12.75. So they each gained at least three pounds in the past week. Yay!

My little Rosie, who we nearly lost on day 2. She is doing great now!

Keaton thinks the kids are amazing! in fact, all the cats seem fascinated by them.

Penny was initially trying to butt all the cats away, but she seems to think they are okay now...

She has a new buddy in Keaton.

It was a sweet moment. (And Penny's overgrown hooves were all trimmed today!)

Rosie is fascinated by the cats. Buttercup doesn't look so sure!

Buttercup playing king of the mountain (or queen?) with Penny and Luc.

Luc is cuter than cute.

The human Luc built the goats a beautiful insulated stock tank. We stick the hose in the end of that PVC piping to fill the tank from the other side of the fence, where the hydrant it!

My friend Luc and I tackled goat hooves today. It went very well! Poor Kevin didn't know what hit him.

Meanwhile, the bromance between Emerson and Saul continues...

And more goats in coats...