Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The new babies

The ponies are doing great! We just love them, although we haven't decided on names for them yet.

They aren't as small as they look in this photo! They're standing downhill from me. They pretty much look me in the eye when I'm standing right next to them on level ground.

Girlie's eye is a bit runny (that's her blind one I'm wiping) but I intend to get them her checked over by the vet soon. And they're both getting a hoof trim asap!

This guy is a cheeky little monkey, as my mother would say! He's three years old, smart and mischievious. He likes to unzip zippers! It cracks me up. He especially loves to unzip my jacket. He has been enjoying the horse ball I gave him to play with. 

Girlie here is just lovely. She is 12 and very sweet. Her head is bigger than his is! I bought them both new halters (the old ones are in these pics) and the pony size is too big for Mr. Gelding.

Our young friend Christina brought some of her friends from the city over last Saturday to see all the animals. Here I am giving the pigs some carrots!

It has snowed quite a bit since then, but nothing like what's going on in Buffalo and surrounding area!!

The girls approved of the pigs.

I realize that I have had that green ski jacket for over 12 years. I got it when I lived in Nova Scotia and it has become my winter barn coat!

Here's Redford keeping an eye on things from the wheel of the tractor.

And our other lovely barn cats are doing well!

Pip seems to be having a blast. She and Redford love running around together. She's a big fan of the heated mats we have for the cats.

Mootie has a special place in my heart. She is apparently about eight years old (I just got her medical records) and when her previous owner adopted her, she had been labelled "unadoptable" at the no-kill shelter because she was so shy. But she already sits on my lap and loves being brushed! All her teeth were pulled because of her horrible gum disease, but she's doing just fine without them. I brush her every day. She's my little sweetheart.

Pip is bold and fun-loving and has no fear!

MIssy thinks the Sweeter Heater is the best thing going!

She is nearly finished with her month-long course of antibiotics for toxoplasmosis. She'll have another blood test at some point but she's doing great and shows no symptoms.

She seems to like the new cats just fine!

She's a super-pretty little lady and very sweet.

Tristan got a new coat!

He doesn't seem to mind it! Came just in time for this...

We weren't hammered the way western New York was, but we've got a few inches on the ground now!

And Gordon's law office is all decorated for Christmas! Our friend Shawn, who also looks after the garden, did a spectacular job, I don't think I've even had a chance to mention that he's already expanding the practice. He has bought another, bigger building up the road in Alexandria, so he'll have two offices on the go. I am happy for him!

Have a great evening.

Friday, November 14, 2014

If you build it, they will come...

...ponies, that is. We finished the fencing and box stalls, and yesterday these two arrived! We adopted them through the SD&G OSPCA.

Mare on the left, gelding on the right. They don't have names yet, poor things!

Girlie is very sweet, 12 years old, and blind in this eye. I want to get that coat and mane of hers all brushed and prettied up.

She's just a lovely pony!

She has a stall next to her boyfriend for now. They are very attached to each other.

He's three years old and you can tell! Btw, my nose is red from the cold, not drunkeness. I woke up to a fine layer of snow on the ground this morning.

Somebody thinks hemlock is tasty. Sigh...

More to come, but I'm already in love.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cat follies...

All four barn cats are now running free together in the barn! There has been a tiny bit of hissing but apart from that, they are getting along amazingly well.

Mootie has been spurning Redford's advances.

"Nothing to see here! Move along!"

It's chilly today. Pip and Mootie have been snoozing under their "Sweeter Heater"!

I think Pip exhausted herself running around the barn all night.

Redford finds Mootie most attractive. Mootie finds Redford somewhat repulsive. :)

Missy isn't too sure about Mootie's tail-sniffing, but they've been getting along fine.


I'm as ready as I'll ever be for the ponies. I'm just waiting for them to show up sometime this afternoon!

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My polydactyl barn boy, and other happenings...

Here is my Mr. Handsome...

Redford! I just adore this cat. He follows me everywhere. Remember when he wouldn't come near me?   Remember when I had to use a wildlife cam to get a glimpse of him?

Not any more! He comes running absolutely every time I call him!

He's my big handsome boy. And he's got quite the harem in the barn now: Missy, Mootie and Pip. Pics of them all to come soon!

He's got a big of a suckling habit, like Emerson.

Speaking Emerson...

Guess who got full-on skunked yesterday? Sigh... I gave him a thorough deskunking bath (1 quart hydrogen peroxide plus 1/4 cup baking soda plus 1 teaspoon liquid soap) but I have to be careful around his face so as not to get it in his eyes, so his head still smells. I cuddled him today anyway!

Emerson had a lazy day on my desk...

So let's see... a cat, cat artwork, cat bed, cat water fountain and of course, an actual cat. 

I think I need to clean up my desk!

But back to the cat smart enough not to get sprayed...

Does he know winter is coming?

It got very cold and windy today!

Yesterday was warmer and my bees were out and about.

And I saw this cool set of contrails in the sky over our fields. "X" marks the spot!

And guess who's coming tomorrow? The two ponies we are adopting through the OSPCA. The fencing is all up, the box stalls are ready, I have hay, and the stock tank is full with 100 gallons of water. Much excitement! Pictures to follow.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Holy crap!

We got a new septic tank last week! It has been crazy around here lately, what we fencing and horse stalls being built, and pigpens being winterized, and now this...

When we had our septic tank pumped out last spring, we discovered it was pretty much crap. Bahahaha, sorry. It was on its last legs. So we got a new tank before winter set in. First they moved our entire front deck, which I couldn't bear to watch. Then, after taking out the old tank, they dug an ENORMOUS hole  

That patch of front lawn won't be looking good anytime soon.

There were lots of heavy vehicles coming back and forth. And when the hole was all ready, this truck came...

And there's the new concrete tank!

It was fun watching it being lifted into the hole!

Ta da!

When the tank was all buried, they lifted the deck back into place. I could hardly watch! But now it's all done and we can rest easy. The last tank was about 60 years old, so we may not outlive this one.

And these two should be arriving next week:

Girl pony and boy pony! Our newest OSPCA adoptions.  I'll let you know when they arrive.

Happy weekend!